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Damien Hirst:Beautiful Paper Spin for Situation Gigi
Beautiful Paper Spin for Situation Gigi, 2012
Acrylic on paper
Unique, signed
Diameter: 72.8 cm

One of Hirst’s most highly sought-after works, this piece, from the ‘Spin’ series, juxtaposes two dramatic, vibrant colours, creating a kaleidoscopic effect, as well as the impression of a vortex. Other works from the Spin series are currently held in major collections worldwide, both private and public.

Communicating openness, and evoking the performance of their creation through a machine, they convey impressions of both depth and surface flatness. As such they are reminiscent of a wide spectrum of past masters, who might have conceptually influenced Hirst in his quest for what could be seen as an analysis of the essence of form.

The mechanical creation of art has always played a key role in Damien Hirst’s works. ‘Beautiful Spin Situation Gigi’ is a unique work, and exemplifies Hirst’s search for an ideal medium and form of production.

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