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Peter Burke:Feet at Alter
Feet at Alter, 2016

Each year the Lent Art Installation at Southwark Cathedral offers an opportunity to connect with site-specific works that encourage, inspire and allow us to reflect within ourselves.

This year, British Sculptor Peter Burke's 'Earthworks' installation is a meditation on the relationship between people, a sense of place and the earth. All of these works have been made from the variety of soils within a 20 mile radius of the artist's home in Bradford-upon-Avon, with their rich association with underlying geology, history and society. For subject, Burke has worked with people that have a personal connection with this particular area. In this time of awareness of the fragility of our environment and way of life, it is perhaps a good opportunity to refer back to the basics of life, to people and our natural resources.

'Earthworks' will show from 10 February - 24 March, 2016 at the Southwark Cathedral near London Bridge. Please contact Southwark Cathedral or Andipa for exhibitions details, including artwork information at or

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