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Angela Glajcar and her Paper Sculptures

Angela Glajcar and her Paper Sculptures

24 Jan 2018

The Italian contemporary culture magazine ObjectsMag has written a truly thoughtful piece reflecting on German sculptor Angela Glajcar, an artist whom we continually support. Therefore, it is with an absolute delight that we present the transcript of this article here on our website to share with the public.

"The paper sculptures by Angela Glajcar

Angela Glajcar , German sculptor of the 1970s, creates site-specific installations through a wise and reasoned use of paper, light and space. Her works stem from a thorough study of the environment in which they must be placed and are characterized by great accuracy and "extreme economy of means".

In all the compositions of Glajcar there is "formal rigor, simplicity and transparency".
The elegant purity of the compositions derive from the total absence of color, while their precision is determined by rules and principles to which the artist strictly adheres.
he paper in his hands becomes flexible, malleable and takes on volume, body and plasticity while not depriving himself of his own fragility, "tactile sensuality" and lightness.

The works are distinguished on one side by overlaps, and on the other by subtractions of the material through tears and perforations that create voids that play with light and shadow. The discontinuity created by the wounded paper allows the audience to rest their gaze and perceive - in that gesture of rupture - the presence of the artist.

The sculptures of Glajcar are choral works, in which the individuality of each sheet is recomposed into the harmony of the sculpture as a whole. The installations fully occupy their spaces, and once observed from different angles, invite transcendental moments of metamorphosis.

For for images, please visit the article page online via this link:

We hope that these few words, and Glajcar's work take you to a far away bodiless place of thought, where oddly; delicacy and abstraction reign.