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David Roux-Fouillet:Ornamental Fauna: Ear Piece
Ornamental Fauna: Ear Piece, 2006
Silk woven by silkworms, cocoons, cast 925 silver structure
10 x 4 x 3 cm

David Roux-Fouillet, of French and Danish origin, trained as a jewellery maker at the Haute École d’Art et de Design in Geneva, Switzerland. Roux-Fouillet has collaborated with names such as Harry Winston, and has won prizes such as the Theo Fennell Award for Overall Excellence. He creates biomorphic works of art, which focus on a study of form and materials. ‘Ornamental Fauna: Ear Piece’ is a 925 silver cast with silk woven by silkworms and cocoons.

A conceptual Jeweller, Roux-Fouillet is an artist who pays attention to craftsmanship, and produces bodies frozen in an instant which capture nature in it’s essence: life.

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