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21 March - 21 March 2004 In the Bottom of my Garden Andy Warhol
Warhol, 'In the Bottom of my Garden' at Andipa
21 March - 21 March 2004
Andipa Gallery
Andy Warhol
In the Bottom of my Garden

Warhol enjoyed a successful career as a commercial artist during the 1950’s, winning commendations from the Art Director’s Club and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. In these early years, he had his debut solo exhibition in New York and his first group show at the museum of modern art in 1956.

This delightful collection of work was published by Andy Warhol in 1955/56 and launched at his favourite hang-out ‘Serendipity’, the famous eatery on 60th Street. He hosted ‘colouring parties’ where his circle of friends would sit around the tables colouring-in the prints with Dr. Martin watercolour inks, whilst passing the time gossiping and drinking the house speciality ‘frrrozen hot chocolate’.

These particular works are said to be inspired by ‘Les Fleures Animée’ by J.J. Grandville published in Paris in 1867 and the title from a whimsical song by the music hall songstress, Beatrice Lilly.

‘In the Bottom of my Garden’ is an exhibition comprising monochrome and hand-coloured prints. The folio is stamped by the Andy Warhol Foundation. Several copies are in the permanent collection of the Andy Warhol museum, Pittsburgh.

Come and join us at Andipa, to take in this beautiful collection of artworks, or email : for general inquiries.