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4 November - 25 November 2004 Antonio de Felipe | Paintings and Sculptures Antonio de Felipe
Antonio de Felipe, "En el jardin de Hollywood" at Andipa
4 November - 25 November 2004
Andipa Gallery
Antonio de Felipe
Antonio de Felipe | Paintings and Sculptures

Andipa Gallery is pleased to announce Antonio De Felipe's UK debut exhibition which will take place between 4th -25th November. The exhibition will display 27 pop artworks, including paintings and sculptures. Soft-back and hard-back 120pp catalogues will be available to purchase for £25 and £45 respectively.

Antonio De Felipe is a young contemporary artist, whose exhibitions have been selling out in Madrid, Rome, Hamburg and Istanbul. In his native Spain, de Felipe’s images are found on magazine covers and advertising campaigns, as well as leading private and institutional collections. His work has been described as 'double-pop with intelligent humour’: taking pop images to which we are accustomed such as Warhol, Lichtenstein or Colonel Saunders and adding a related twist of humour, irony or play on words/images.

De Felipe’s work explores consumerism and global brands, common themes in the pop art world. Some of his most sought after work plays on these themes, for example; Cinderella holding a multi-coloured logo of Apple computers, Gene Kelly from ‘Singing in the rain’ swinging on a cactus and John Wayne holding a Lichtenstein revolver.

De Felipe intermingles film stars gone by and present day with famous pop depictions of the 60’s. This binding of two iconic subjects to form one image is typical to de Felipe’s work.

Antonio de Felipe will be present during the Press and VIP opening on the 3rd November, 16:00 – 20:00. Additional information, interviews and photos or high-resolution digital images are available, contact Andipa at: