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23 January - 27 January 2001 555 Exhibition | The Hands You Deserve Elvio Chiricozzi
Elvio Chiricozzi, "The Hands You Deserve"
23 January - 27 January 2001
Andipa Gallery
Elvio Chiricozzi
555 Exhibition | The Hands You Deserve

Elvio Chiricozzi, the third artist of the 555 exhibition series, is exhibiting his work in London for the first time. ”The Hands you Deserve” is an exhibition of five works, which although are all related in story, each have an independent life.

Chiricozzi’s technique and precision as a draughtsman, the quality of his brushstrokes, together with careful selection of materials are not dissimilar qualities to that of a renaissance artist, yet in truth Chiricozzi’s art belongs in a contemporary world.

His paintings, although objective, cannot be labelled as ‘realistic’. His point of perspective is unusual, yet somehow carries a sense of familiarity. The artist interprets the classically human feelings of fear and hope, and expresses them through a more spiritual dimension.

Chiricozzi has gathered 15 years worth of work, consisting of 700 of his paintings and drawings, recently exhibited in Rome.

The concept of 555 was dreamt up with the hope to promote contemporary art which focuses on classical beauty but is strongly relatable in present day, and Chiricozzi’s work is a perfect example of just that.

Members of Andipa warmly welcome members of the public to enjoy this unique exhibition running for 5 days from 23rd until 27th January. If you should wish to make any enquiries, contact Andipa via: or Tel:02075892371.