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11 June - 11 June 2002 Julia Macmillan | Forces and Fusion Julia Macmillan
Julia Macmillan, "Force and Fusion" at Andipa
11 June - 11 June 2002
Andipa Gallery
Julia Macmillan
Julia Macmillan | Forces and Fusion

The relationship between man and horse is a recurring theme in Macmillan’s work. She explores the dynamic energy of wild, untamed horses matched with the dominance of man. This is reflected in the contrast between the rational conscious and uncontrollable subconscious states of mind. When asked what motivates her: ‘Fascination with the quality of a line’.

The aesthetic influences for Macmillan’s work are Italian and Japanese art, the dominating emotions being passion and serenity. She aims to fuse these two emotions, to create a unified whole.

The horse is a powerful and pan cultural symbol for Macmillan, she describes it as representing ‘universal energy and libido’. The horse also has symbolic importance in the bible, representing intelligence and an idea that man must master his instincts.

Texture is an important aspect of Macmillan’s artwork, it allows her to explore the theme of contrast further, using smooth and uniform versus craggy and uneven to create something visually interesting. Macmillan uses a variety of materials in her work, including marble dust, pumice powder and gold leaf, the artist works on laminated board mounted on wood, preferring a hard, yet light surface.

This exhibition will take place at Andipa gallery on 11th June from 6:00 p.m. till 8:30 p.m. If you should wish to make any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the gallery by either e-mail: or telephone: 0207589237.