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23 May - 14 June 2014 Suspension Nicola Pucci
23 May - 14 June 2014
Andipa Contemporary
Nicola Pucci
Nicola Pucci

Andipa Contemporary is proud to present Suspension, an exhibition of new work by Italian painter Nicola Pucci. Born in Palermo in 1966, Pucci boasts a masterly technique with which he builds his images layer-by-layer with dozens of brush strokes and shadows. Paying remarkable attention to detail, he reworks his canvases multiple times over years until they faithfully render his unique vision of reality.

For Pucci the process of careful observation results in a new interpretation of reality in which the impossible and possible become merged. He combines elements from different sources within a single painting. His canvases depict homogeneous groups of figures, often suspended in space but united in a silent dialogue, a particular gesture that speaks for itself.

Dreamlike, theatrical and haunting – Pucci’s works are ascribed with an invisible, cathartic energy that is clearly perceivable by our senses. While drawing upon various influences including Surrealism and the art of Francis Bacon, Pucci nonetheless stands apart from defined contemporary trends or movements.

Pucci has recently exhibited at venues such as Spoleto’s contemporary art museum, Palazzo Collicola and the Palazzina Azzurra museum in San Benedetto del Tronto. In 2008, he presented a solo exhibition at Rome’s Carlo Bilotti Museum, becoming the first living Italian artist to be given a one-man show at this prestigious venue.