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7 November - 12 November 2000 555 Exhibition | Fallen Oliviero Rainaldi
Oliviero Rainaldi, "Fallen III", at Andipa
7 November - 12 November 2000
Andipa Gallery
Oliviero Rainaldi
555 Exhibition | Fallen

Andipa invites you to enjoy the private view of the 555 Exhibition ‘Fallen’, featuring the paintings and sculptures of Oliviero Rainaldi. 5 works of art, 5 days on show at 5 thousand ponds each.

“Between the marble reliefs and the cracked oils, between the gold grounds and the cloistered rooms, lay the echoes of lost worlds. Having shed their old meanings, they unstitch stories of the past. I had the impression that something could happen here, something crucial, something surprising. I have been waiting. Something has … Fallen” – Cinzia Fratucello, curator.

Italian-born Oliviero Rainaldi lives and works in Rome, he is a sculptor/painter whose work predominantly revolves around the human figure. Rainaldi’s work has in the past been a topic of debate, and controversy, his bronze sculpture of Pope John Paul II caused a disturbance in Vatican city, where it stood, 5 meters tall in front of the city’s main train station. Accepting that ‘critisim is inevitable’ Rainaldi has since been rewarded with international renown, famed for his simplistic style, flowing lines and refined composition.

‘Fallen’ will take place on 7th November, so join us at Andipa between 5:30p.m. and 8:30p.m. to immerse yourself in the abstract mind of Rainaldi. Should you have any queries please contact Andipa at, or telephone 0207589237.