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Angela Glajcar | CODA Paper Art 2017

Angela Glajcar | CODA Paper Art 2017

13 Jun 2017

Congratulation to Angela Glajcar. Her work shows during CODA Paper Art Terforation 2017-016, a new 3.40m high sculpture and 4.50m long hanging on the ceiling.

With her work, Glajcar explores the possibilities of creating a three-dimensional image from two-dimensional parts. Torn with torn and uncoloured paper, she creates a massive sculpture that impressively communicates with space, light and shadow. The title of the work uses two terms: terra and perforation. Terra stands for 'terra incognita', her unknown CODA Museum and the unknown process that lies ahead of her. Perforation - Perforation - Visibly visible in its treatment of the material.

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