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Grayson Perry:Map of Nowhere
Map of Nowhere, 2008
Original etching from five plates
Edition of 68, signed
152.9 x 113 cm

Having been asked to give a lecture in Hereford, Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry saw the Hereford ‘Mappa Mundi’, a thirteenth century scholars’ spiritual and geographical interpretation of the world.

‘Mappa Mundi’ inspired Perry to create his own conceptual map: drawing from the original, he mixed writing with illustration, and used calf-skin as the base for the composition.

He then worked at length, starting from the top left corner, developing the work as he created, instead of planning it in advance. In ‘Map of Nowhere’, Grayson Perry draws a map which is both autobiographical, with strong references to his own perception of society and the world, and descriptive of the contemporary world, with all of its glory and gore.

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