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Exhibition dates: 13 March - 11 April
Miniaturesque, is a major new exhibition by Slinkachu which has been shot entirely in London. This new body of work draws upon our desire to seek out and recreate the natural world amongst the urban metropolis. His miniature people explore the hidden enclaves of the wild within our city - idyllic glades and green pastures appearing through cracks in the concrete - commenting on our modern society’s detachment from nature.

Banksy has recently created new series of artworks that are brought to international attention via a satirical framed two-minute travel advert. This latest body of four murals focuses in on the devastating living conditions of those in the war-torn region of Gaza.

One of the artworks titled ‘Bomb Damage’ is inspired by the style of Rodin’s artwork ‘The Thinker’ and takes inspiration from the Greek mythological story of Niobe. A story, which a mother’s children were all, killed out of spite and the mother goes into mourning so deep she turns into stone.

Andipa Gallery has joined with Southwark Cathedral to bring a major installation of Angela Glajcar for the duration of Lent. This vast piece will go across the expanse of the cathedral from the east end window. The translucence of the glass fabric within the artwork is consciously combined with the light, in order to create varying ambiances throughout the day. This piece is typical of the sensitivity and expertise of Glajcar’s artwork, a perfect state of equilibrium of lightness and heaviness, creating a transience sculpture befitting its location.

William Mackrell's 'Deux Chevaux’ piece, after great success, will be exhibited in the opening exhibition at The Ryder Projects. This 'sculpture', which traveled through Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster on 21st June 2014 and whose screening of the video was at Chelsea Theatre on 23rd November...
We are delighted to announce that William Mackrell has won the Ambulatory category of Sculpture Shock 2015. An award that encourages artists to explore site specific spatial interventions in non-traditional spaces outside the confines of the gallery. Were a part of the award is a three month...
A mini retrospective on the iconic artist: Andy Warhol. We will be showing some of his most recognisable and esteemed pieces of artwork that cross his short but world changing career.