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The gallery will be closed from Good Friday through to Easter Monday. We will reopen on the Tuesday as normal at 09:30am. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

We can unveil today the special limited edition catalogue and jigsaw set, released to accompany Slinkachu’s new solo exhibition Miniaturesque. Slinkachu has this time chosen the humble medium of the jigsaw for the deluxe edition. Once so common in every living room, it perfectly embodies the theme of nostalgia and fun for all*.

Exhibition dates: 13 March - 11 April

Miniaturesque, is a major new exhibition by Slinkachu which has been shot entirely in London. This new body of work draws upon our desire to seek out and recreate the natural world amongst the urban metropolis. His miniature people explore the hidden enclaves of the wild within our city - idyllic glades and green pastures appearing through cracks in the concrete - commenting on our modern society’s detachment from nature.

Banksy has recently created new series of artworks that are brought to international attention via a satirical framed two-minute travel advert. This latest body of four murals focuses in on the devastating living conditions of those in the war-torn region of Gaza. One of the artworks titled ‘Bomb...
The artwork 'The Stream' has been released in advance of next week exhibition. The full catalogue of artworks for the show will be available from Thursday 12 March.
William Mackrell is holding a solo exhibition Touch & Go at the Benington Gallery until the 2 April. This predominantly monochromatic exhibition is based around themes of time, sleep and restlessness. The space has been curated to interact physically and emotional with the viewer, were each...
A mini retrospective on the iconic artist: Andy Warhol. We will be showing some of his most recognisable and esteemed pieces of artwork that cross his short but world changing career.
William Mackrell's 'Deux Chevaux’ piece, after great success, will be exhibited in the opening exhibition at The Ryder Projects. This 'sculpture', which traveled through Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster on 21st June 2014 and whose screening of the video was at Chelsea Theatre on 23rd November...