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Henri Matisse:Jeune Etudiant, Masque I
Jeune Etudiant, Masque I, 1952
Aquatint on paper
Trial proof aside from the edition of 15, Signed
64.6 x 50.5 cm (25 1/2 x 20 in)

Coming from an edition of fifteen, 'Jeune Etudiant, Masque I' presents the viewer with one of Primitivism's most preferred subject: the mask.

The thick lines of ink seem to be dealing with the idea of the human face, stylized, and its interaction with the tribal mask, many examples of which were available in France at the time, due to colonialism: many soldiers who returned from Africa brought back masks which had originally served as religious objects, as souvenirs, thus making masks a widely spread and recognized object.

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