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WAR BOUTIQUE: Caught in the Crossfire, Dresden

WAR BOUTIQUE: Caught in the Crossfire, Dresden

01 Jul 2014

Andipa Gallery would like to invite you to attend the Dresden edition of the exhibition ‘Caught in the Crossfire’, which will feature works by War Boutique alongside a long list of prominent modern and contemporary artists. This travelling show will run at Dresden Stadtmuseum from Saturday 5th July until Sunday 5th October.

Originally created as a collaboration between The Herbert, Coventry’s award winning museum, and an independent curator, Nicola Gauld, The exhibition takes us on a challenging journey from the home front to the frontline and back again, as seen through the eyes of artists, soldiers and people affected by conflict.

Visitors will travel through divided lands, debate the role of protest art, explore the aesthetics of violence and machinery of war, and reflect upon the aftermath of war where hope emerges and lives are rebuilt.

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