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SLINKACHU: #StreetArt, Paris

SLINKACHU: #StreetArt, Paris

01 Oct 2014

We are delighted that Slinkachu will exhibit at Espace Foundation EDF, Paris, as part of a group show entitled ‘#StreetArt, Innovation at the heart of a movement'. The exhibition featuring a number of works by the artist will run from Saturday 4th October 2014 to Sunday 1st March 2015.

The show pays tribute to those artists who explore new uses, patterns and practices of street art. It offers a historical overview of street art from its origins until the 2000s. The works that employ new street art practices such as 2.0 graffiti, light painting and street mapping are contextualised by accompanying archival material, photographs, magazines, propaganda posters that are all presented to explain the evolution of this art movement.

Among other artists featured in this show are Blu, Invader, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, JR, Zevs, Mark Jenkins, Vhils and Isaac Cordal, Sweza, Rezine, Patrick Suchet and Antonin Furnace.