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01 Mar 2015

William Mackrell is holding a solo exhibition Touch & Go at the Benington Gallery until the 2 April. This predominantly monochromatic exhibition is based around themes of time, sleep and restlessness.
The space has been curated to interact physically and emotional with the viewer, were each piece is born out of the body and its senses.

The space is laid out with flickering strip-lighting laid, consequently the viewer has to consciously move around and be a aware of ones movement around the space.

The diptychs Sleep (16th September 2013)[negative] and Sleep (16th September 2013)[positive], occupy the walls on either side of the room. The drawings were formed by laying carbon paper under the sheets of the artist’s bed, while he slept to trace his nocturnal patterns. These drawings are a true expression of unconscious movement. It illustrates the restlessness, and calm over a period of time that is unpredictable and outside our control. Another artwork titled 'Soprano for Sleep Time App' was made over a set period of time formed using a sleeping app under his pillow to record his sleeping patterns. The data was then recorded onto a graph, and overlaid with musical notations. During the private view a live performance by a soprano interpreted the music and it was subsequently recorded.

The exhibition illustrates wonderfully the essence of William’s work: intensely personal and universally relatable.