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13 March - 17 March 2001 555 Exhibition | The Thorn in your Side Roberto Pietrosanti
Roberto Pietrosanti, "The Thorn in your Side" at Andipa
13 March - 17 March 2001
Andipa Gallery
Roberto Pietrosanti
555 Exhibition | The Thorn in your Side

Following the success of the previous three 555 presentations comes: 'The Thorn in your Side', a showcase of 5 Pietrosanti artworks , consisting of 4 monochrome, low-relief panels, and one metal sculpture.

Influenced by Lucio Fontana’s lesson on “informal” and “spacial” art, Pietrosanti applies to such principles a new and exciting interpretation.

His panels seem to break through their own surface in both directions, inwards and outwards, as if exploring some unknown spatial dimensions. His works offer themselves as delicate ripples lifting from their base, bending geometric shapes in the attempt to reach new forms.

Pietrosanti’s work compliments the mission of 5 5 5 of adding classical beauty in contemporary form as well as making such works accessible to a wider audience, encompassing both connoisseur and first-time buyer. His works are easily absorbed in traditional and modern surroundings.

The dialogue between the antique and the contemporary world is a complex but intriguing one. Roberto Pietrosanti’s work will be deliberately shown in a space normally dedicated to the trade of Byzantine art, Rembrandt etchings and Renaissance masterpieces. The Andipa Gallery, via 5 5 5, is the only private gallery space in London promoting the dialogue between the past and the present. This has been the subject of two recent major London shows: Encounters at the National Gallery and Give and Take at the V&A Museum.

This exhibition by Roberto Pietrosanti is entitled The Thorn in your Side and is curated by Cinzia Fratucello. For further information please contact Andipa on either: Tel:(020) 7589 2371 or We hope to see you between the 13th and 17th of March.