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22 April - 4 May 2002 Daniel De'Angeli | An Exhibition of Recent Works Daniel De'Angeli
Daniel De'Angeli, "Searching Hidden Waters" at Andipa
22 April - 4 May 2002
Andipa Gallery
Daniel De'Angeli
Daniel De'Angeli | An Exhibition of Recent Works

Andipa is excited to announce the exhibition of Argentinan born De’Angeli, whose work coheres warmth and mystery. The exhibition is one of recent works, and is the artists second London show in ten years.

His small and large works have primeval and ethereal qualities, which together form a timeless entity. De’Angeli’s attention to detail makes his paintings as meaningful under close study as they are from a distance. His career has encompassed illustration and etching, both disciplines influencing his work. The artist destroys many of his own paintings, as a result of his own perfectionism.

To obtain the right texture, colour and luminosity, De’Angeli creates his own pigments and painting surfaces. Some of his work is on stretched, coarse paper, whilst others are on large canvases with numerous layers of finely painted colour giving the impression that they are lit from within.

This exhibition will run from the 22nd April until 4th May. Andipa will be showcasing ten works by De’Angeli as well as offering original works from its collection of Buddha’s, Icons and Antiquities from the 1st to 16th centuries which De’Angeli will select and intertwine with his exhibition.

For further information and images please contact Andipa via either 020 7589 2371 or