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Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson, Contemporary UK Artist

Born in 1982, in Grimsby, England, Paul is a skilled fine artist who has diversified to produce an eclectic portfolio of digital, graphic and photographic work. His talent - for combining disjointed and seemingly disconnected elements seamlessly together - has been commended by the Saatchi Gallery and, celebrated contemporary artist, Martin Maloney.

Paul’s ability and passion was spotted and encouraged early by inspirational teachers in his home town of Grimsby. By the age of 9 he was creating 6ft high murals - showing determination and artistic ambition beyond his young years. It was at Matthew Humberstone secondary school, Grimsby, where he also met fellow artist Simon “McCheung” Cheung (whom he still collaborates with today)

Following A Levels in art, maths, design & technology and photography, followed by a foundation course at Grimsby College of Art and Design, Paul completed a fine art degree at University College for the Creative Arts in Canterbury.

After graduating, he headed for London, picked up the Yellow Pages and started calling graphic design agencies until he got a paid internship, fulfilling his need to work in a creative environment.

Outside of work, Paul spent all his spare time painting and after a year began exhibiting at solo and collective pop-up shows. Over the last decade, his work has been exhibited and sold globally in London, New York, Hong Kong, Barcelona, France and Dubai.

Paul draws on memories and personal history, re-imagining and appropriating distant but familiar objects, patterns and feelings to create abstract and vivid metaphors.

In one of his most successful series of work ‘Lone Soldiers’, Paul overlays paintings of trees and landscapes with decorative patterns of wallpaper, (based on the pattern which decorated his childhood home for almost twenty-five years) and uses controlled experiments to artificially decay and achieve complex imagery.

This same wallpaper pattern inspires ‘Decadence’, and has been incorporated into the VIP lounge of London’s DSTRKT club, creating a fitting back-drop for celebrities such as Rhianna and Tinie Tempeh. Paul’s relationship with the nightclub continues and he recently created a second mural showcasing his recent ‘Water Tank’ series of photography.

Paul has also experimented with repetitive pattern by using lasers and steel to create four stunning showpieces for solo exhibition ‘Descending the Staircase’. This technique earned him recognition in Homes and Garden and The Creative Times.

This brings us back to the ‘Pink Bear’, Paul’s most iconic work. The costumed figure based on a cuddly toy bear - which features in an 80s, Robinson family portrait - exists between reality and make-believe, innocence and corruption, and is an enduring motif in Paul’s work.