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War Boutique:Privatised Pat
Privatised Pat, 2011
Lambda C-Type print on paper
Edition of 50, Signed and numbered
53 x 80 cm (20.9 x 31.5 in.)

The War Boutique's provocative role within society is explicated by his position as designer of uniforms for both police and military forces around the world. Its works have been displayed at the Bristol Museum, The Lighthouse in Glasgow, Tate Britain, Tate Modern and The British Museum.

'Privatised Pat' is a reflection on the privatisation of the Royal Mail, one of Britain's most reknown institutions. The innocence of 'Postman Pat', a cartoon which is embedded in British Culture, contrasts with the harsh reality of a sale which is said to have made taxpayers loose one billion pounds.
the War Boutique employs clear and immediately recognisable references to critique the government's and the City's logic.

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