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Angela Glajcar:Terforation 022
Terforation 022, 2007
Paper 300g, torn using metal and plastic
140 x 100 x 300 cm

'Terforation 022' is a suspended compound of paper. The cavity allows the viewer to perceive a shift in light and depth, through the juxtaposition of the various layers.

Glajcar’s 'Terforation' series, a title combining the Latin words for 'earth' and 'hole', has a philosophical meaning that is rich and deep. By building up layers of paper, a material one normally thinks of as being two-dimensional, Glajcar obtains solid shapes that have their own volume, and their own 'depth’.

'Terforation' explores the limitations of reality, and how one can achieve a thorough knowledge of the self. As such, one may see associations with Plato’s allegory of the Cave.

In her work there is a strong debt to the Azimuth Group, and artists such as Dadamaino, and consequently Fontana, are brought to mind in connection with her work. Glajcar was born in 1970 in Mainz, where she lives and works. She has exhibited around Europe and the US.

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