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SLINKACHU | California LoveSLINKACHU | California LoveSLINKACHU | California Love

SLINKACHU | California Love

16 Jul 2016

Slinkachu continues his hot streak with new work on show at the Long Beach Museum of Art for ‘Vitality & Verve: In the Third Dimension’ (16 July – 16 October, 2016).

The British Urban Contemporary artist known for his miniature installations is up to big things this summer at the Long Beach Museum of Art for ‘Vitality & Verve: In the Third Dimension’, a multi-media installation exhibition with a focus on three-dimensional work.

In partnership with Thinkspace and Pow!Wow!, the 3-month long show brings together selected international contemporary artists challenging the context of traditional art forms through their progressive use of new media. Slinkachu created entirely new miniature sculptures especially for this project depicting his signature little people interacting with different pill capsules including prozac and viagra.

Based in London and quickly rising on the international scene, Slinkachu is known for his handmade little people which he places in miniature worlds that at first glance appear to be unreal. Using macro-photography to alter perspective and scale, Slinkachu explores the relationship his little people share with their surroundings and in turn, lead us as viewers to look closer at ours.

Email for all Slinkachu artwork enquiries or call +44 (0)207 589 2371. All images courtesy of Slinkachu, 2016.

For more information and tickets including special events visit: Long Beach Museum of Art: