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10 April - 31 May 2013 Terforation Angela Glajcar
10 April - 31 May 2013
Andipa Gallery
Angela Glajcar
Angela Glajcar

Andipa Contemporary is delighted to present 'Terforation', the first solo exhibition in the UK of contemporary sculptor Angela Glajcar. German born Glajcar has exhibited and received commissions internationally with large-scale installations created in public and private venues throughout Europe and America.

Glajcar’s work embodies sculpture and installation; it examines the way in which space is experienced using a material that is fragile and light. In the act of ripping and perforating a material that is traditionally used as a two-dimensional support, Glajcar gives paper a strong sculptural presence. The vertically hung sheets of white paper produce hollow impressions of great depth drawing the viewer inward.

'Terforation' is Angela Glajcar’s debut UK solo exhibition and includes large-scale sculptural works alongside smaller earlier works dating from 2009 - 2011.

'Glajcar’s paper objects and installations explore the way space is experienced. Finely tuned states of equilibrium of lightness and heaviness, materialness and immaterialness, are intended to evoke in the viewer an emotional reaction to the inanimate objects. Glajcar’s professor, renowned sculptor Tim Scott, attested his master student an extraordinary "sculptural intelligence". This ability of the artist, namely, to find intelligent and thus cogent and strategic solutions, took her from wood and steel to paper, her current material of choice, meeting her particular requirements. Initially, paper appears light and fragile. Depending on its quality and layering, however, it can also be heavy and resilient. Since paper is made of natural substances and is therefore perishable like any other natural tissue, it takes up a position halfway between natural and artificial. In contrast to wood or metal it absorbs colour and is permeable without being of any colour itself. Paper can be processed without any tools – although this requires effort – and can easily be agitated, so that the works that already give the impression of floating begin to sway, casting a moving shadow.' Sasa Hanten, editor of Angela Glajcar’s catalogue raisonné

Contact the gallery for free e-catalogue of Glajcar’s work; full exhibition list can be viewed online.

Exhibition information
Exhibition Dates: Wednesday 10 April to Saturday 11 May 2013 Private View: Wednesday 17 April - Including an artist talk by Angela Glajcar. Andipa Gallery | 162 Walton Street, Knightsbridge, London SW3 2JL Tel: +44 (0) 20 7589 2371 | Opening times: Monday to Friday 9:30am – 6pm, Saturday 11am – 6pm Prices start from £2,800 GBP Catalogue raisonné launched at Andipa Gallery and available for £25 GBP