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Banksy:Heavy Weaponary (London, New York, Bristol)
Heavy Weaponary (London, New York, Bristol) , 2000
Stencil and spray paint on canvas
Edition of 10
53.5 x 56.5 cm

Like many other pieces by the celebrity street artist, Banksy, this rare work on canvas is an anti-war statement. It can be compared to his numerous works featuring guns, missiles and bombs that are parodies of what he sees as excessive militarism.

As such, his works on this theme are somewhat prophetic (this particular canvas dates to 2000). It is also very personal work: as well as bearing his signature tag, it features Bristol, his home city, which is also the location of many of his original graffiti.

'Heavy Weaponary' (sic) is a perfect representation of Banksy’s ironic yet serious message. Direct and immediate, it has all the impact of graffiti art, but transposed to the more traditional medium of canvas. This contrast means the work has both mainstream and radical elements, at one and the same time.

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