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William Mackrell:1000 Candles
1000 Candles, 2010
HD DVD and C-Type still on aluminium
Video in edition of 3 / Large print in edition of 8 + 2 A/Ps / Small print in edition of 20
Video: 55:59 min

'1000 Candles' is a full circle of tea light candles: at DCA, Mackrell showed them first unlit (potential), then lit (as a performative object) and then left as a remnant. He also showed them as a document in photographic and video form.

'I was working with a torch that had the power of one thousand candles, and the idea was to light one thousand tea lights in a circle on the floor. It was virtually impossible to light all of them because one candle would starve another of its oxygen and because of the heat, I couldn't lean over to light them all.'

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1:39 min clip from the video