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William Mackrell:Soprano for Route No.141
Soprano for Route No.141, 2014
Ink on paper & sound
Unique, signed
Drawing: 30 x 42 cm (12 panels), Soundtrack: 9.56 min

Sold - Not available for sale.

William Mackrell's 'Soprano for Route No. 141' is a performance piece which is based on a drawing and its interaction with the sound and gesture of a Soprano.

Route No. 141 is the name of the road Mackrell used to travel on by bus regularly from his home. During his bus ride, Mackrell would keep track of his movement on the 12 sheets of paper.

In this performance, which was commissioned by ART14, a soprano is made to sing William's journey, reading the lines he had traced.

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Still from the live performance
William Mackrell: Soprano for Route No.141, 2014