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William Mackrell:Sleep (16 September 2013)
Sleep (16 September 2013), 2013
Action on carbon paper (mounted in LED light box)
Unique, signed
140 x 200 cm

Mackrell's 'Sleep' is not to be confused (but inevitably ends up in bed with) Andy Warhol's 1963 film of Taylor Mead. A frustration at the practical impossibility to create whilst asleep is overcome and shown within a keep-you-awake light box on tells-the-truth carbon paper.

What you think would be inaction (especially if you have watched Warhol's 'Sleep') is a bona-fide action painting, as restless as Mackrell's constantly shifting practice. It is completely un-self-conscious, made whilst unconscious, primitive mark-making with a formalist strategy (complete with a formalist grid of the joined-together paper).

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