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PABLO PICASSO | Major Picasso ExhibitionPABLO PICASSO | Major Picasso ExhibitionPABLO PICASSO | Major Picasso Exhibition

PABLO PICASSO | Major Picasso Exhibition

17 Jun 2016

Featuring over 80 works unravelling Pablo Picasso’s lifetime of artistic bravura, this exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery opening this October will be showcasing an extensive display of the artist’s portrait works.

It would be interesting to see how the national portrait gallery organises a show that shifts the focus from Picasso’s iconic styles and aesthetics to a more specific exposé of the artist’s skills in portraiture using a range of media and techniques. As well as how they have encompassed and highlighted the inspirations that influence Picasso’s portraits, rendering the show all the more personal and intimate.
The exhibition’s curator Elizabeth Cowling beautifully elaborates on the richness of the show as she explains; “Because he was the subject of great mood swings himself, the emotional range of his work is as large as that of great playwrights and novelists”.

Without revealing too much of the highly anticipated show and considering that many of the works will be loaned from private collections; it would be safe to envisage that there would be works that would have never been seen prior to this exhibition. This exclusivity in the collection displayed would offer the public a chance to celebrate special moments they would share with the unveiled masterpieces from the iconic artist.

Andipa has collected and invested in Picasso’s work for years, there are several original works in our collection today. Also currently on display; are rare editions of his linocut artworks – Femme Endormie, 1962 and Femme Nue Cueillant des Fleurs 1962.

Picasso Portraits debuts the 6th of October 2016, and closes on the 5th of February of the next year.

(Images for Portrait of Olga Picasso and courtesy of